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Communaute Miniere de Goma
Communaute Miniere de Goma

Communaute Miniere de Goma is an artisanal mining company registered in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1990. We have a license to extract, purify, and export minerals such as cobalt, copper, diamond, tantalum, tin, and gold. We offer 80% ownership to indigenous communities in the Kivu region to ensure smooth operations.

Communaute Miniere de Goma is a thriving mining company in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It is one of the East African Community's largest multi-commodity mining and metals companies. We have operations in DR Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Kenya, and Tanzania and are currently ranked among the top 10 community mining companies in East Africa. Our growth and success make us one of the fastest-growing mining companies in the region.


To improve the livelihoods of artisan miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we aim to create a market for their minerals.


Integrity is our foundation. We conduct business ethically and honestly while treating others with respect. We strive to provide quality products in all our offerings to our Customers.


To promote economic development in the region by trading minerals for necessary services.

Code of Conducts

Our Code of Conduct outlines the fundamental principles that guide Communaute Miniere de Goma's interactions with all stakeholders, especially our customers, suppliers, and the communities where we operate. 


Ethics is one of the four pillars of Communaute Miniere de Goma's sustainability approach, which goes beyond just following rules. Ethical practices establish an internal value system that motivates people to do what's right, rather than just comply with regulations. 


Rules, policies, and procedures are created to ensure compliance with the law and maintain order. However, Communaute Miniere de Goma's ethical approach encourages behaviors that are not just a response to legal requirements. 


Our employees are guaranteed that they will receive the support of Communaute Miniere de Goma's senior management if they consistently and strictly adhere to these standards, even if it poses a risk to our business. However, any deviation from these standards may result in appropriate disciplinary or other action, including termination of employment and referral to the relevant authorities.


Communaute Miniere de Goma acknowledges its responsibility to extract resources responsibly. The company's sustainability and social responsibility strategy is an integral part of everything it does. It recognizes that its business activities affect people and communities, and it has a responsibility to ensure that these people and communities benefit through opportunities such as employment, business development, education, training, and community investment in the long term.


Moreover, the company recognizes that its activities consume resources and impact the broader global environment. Therefore, it is responsible for minimizing and redressing harmful impacts and optimizing positive benefits. Communaute Miniere de Goma incorporates sound safety, environmental, and social management practices into all aspects of its business. The company strives to continuously improve its environmental, safety, and social management performance.

Investor Relation

The mining company, Communaute Miniere de Goma, has adopted a balanced growth strategy to achieve comparable value creation with other globally diversified mining companies. The company has a strong foundation for sustainable growth and development, as it is a low-cost producer with access to high-quality ore deposits. While mindful of the need to maintain financial discipline, Communaute Miniere de Goma aims to retain the flexibility to pursue growth opportunities and create shareholder value.

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